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Undeniably Fated (Significance, #6) Undeniably Fated eBook Ð Ebook undeniably pdf, fated pdf, significance, mobile, Undeniably Fated (Significance, #6) Undeniably Fated PDF/EPUBEmber s life has been a series of events leading her to just one fated moment The one moment she s waited for her entire life, when she can finally find the one she s supposed to be with and feel his touch buzz along her skin But when tragedy comes, there s no one to blame and no one to save her not even her significantOr maybe the impossible will become possibleLandon has wanted to be a firefighter since he was a kid As a teen, Trouble was his middle name and fighting a blaze helped him stay on a good path But Trouble meets his match in a pair of despairing blue eyes He only hopes he ll be able to save her the way she saved himWith hostilities brewing at the reunification, and Seth s trial on the horizon, the clans begin to wonder if a peaceful end can ever be reached And if every clan, and everyone, can make it out in one piece.

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