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The Power Hardcover ´ The Power PDF Ð power book, The PowerThe Power PDFPraise for THE POWER Magnificent I m agog Really, I m several gogs So smart and scary and sad but true I can t say enough It s a classic, in the way that it s hard to imagine it ever wasn t there Joss WhedonElectrifying Shocking Will knock your socks off Then you ll think twice, about everythingMargaret AtwoodFor diversion also important in these times , I highly recommend two writers of speculative fiction, Charlie Jane Anders and Naomi AldermanAyelet Waldman, By the Book column, New York Times Book Review The Hunger Games crossed with The Handmaid s TaleCosmopolitanNarratively complex, philosophically searching, and gorgeously renderedLisa Shea,ElleSometimes lightning does strike the same place twice Sometimes it strikes a whole bunch of times In Orange Award winner Naomi Alderman s chilling The Power, women across the globe discover a sudden ability to harness their aggression by inflicting electric shocks through their fingertips Fans of speculative fiction see also Margaret Atwood and Ben Marcus about empowered youth will be struck by Alderman s speedy and thorough inhabitation of a world just different enough from ours to jolt the imagination Mothers, lock up your boysSloane Crosley,Vanity Fair The Power doesn t necessarily hold the answers to what organizing principle we should rally around insteadIt does audaciously depict, however, the most extreme results of a movement that seeks rather than interrogates power That if feminism has become a means for domination, it has lost its wayBridget Read,VogueRichly imagined, ambitious, and propulsively writtenSophie Gilbert,The Atlantic The Power is a subtly funny, lyrical and utterly subversive vision of an impossible future As all the best visionaries do, Alderman shines a penetrating and yet merciful light on to our present and the so many cruelties in which we may be complicit AL KennedyA thriller that terrifies and leaves behind a lingering tingle that s part discomfort and part exhilaration Easy to read, hard to put down, difficult to forget Cory Doctorow, author of WalkawayNaomi Alderman is the author of The Liars Gospel and Disobedience, which won the Orange Prize for New Writers, has been published inlanguages, and is being made into a film by Rachel Weisz She was selected for Granta s once a decade list of Best of Young British Novelists and was chosen by Margaret Atwood to be part of the Rolex Mentor and Protg Arts Initiative She is the co creator and lead writer of the bestselling smartphone audio adventure app, Zombies, RunShe contributes regularly to the Guardian and presents Science Stories on BBC RadioShe lives in London.

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