Teacher's Pet Kindle Ð Format Kindle

Teacher's Pet (A Sweet Lesbian Romance) (English Edition) Teacher's Pet Kindle Ð Format Kindle teacher's epub, sweet mobile, lesbian book, romance epub, english kindle, edition epub, Teacher's Pet (A Sweet Lesbian Romance) (English Edition)Teacher's Pet eBookAs a young single mother, Katie has struggled with her dating life Despite being attractive with a decent job, she can t seem to find anybody who is understanding about the fact that she has a five year old daughter She has started to feel extremely alone, like she is the only person in this world she can lean onUntil one day her car breaks down and her daughters kindergarten teacher comes to the rescue Lana not only fixes Katie s car but provides a shoulder to lean on Katie immediately thinks that Lana would make the perfect best friend but Lana hasthan friendship on her mind There is no telling where this newfound friendship will leadBriar Lane s latest story will leave you feeling good with a happily ever after ending for a young mom and a kind Kindergarten teacher.

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