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Rings of Gold Rings of Gold MOBI ✓ Rings of PDF or rings kindle, gold pdf, Rings of pdf, Rings of GoldRings of Gold ePUBRingsNicolas Santino believes baby Lia was the result of his separated wife Sara s betrayalNow, Lia has been kidnapped Nicolas knows only he can secure the little girl s safe return Then he learns that after three long years apart, Sara still wears his ring That Joanna knew she could never give Alessandro Bonetti what he really needed, so she walked out on their marriageNow, Alessandro demands she returns to his bed, as his wife, in return for his help Rings of PDF or But what will happen when he discovers her secretBind Samantha has been existing with no memory of her previous life But when a dark, stunningly handsome Italian walks in, she faints Sam s past is about to be revealed Could this brooding stranger really be her husbandIncludes Gold Ring of Betrayal, The Marriage Surrender, and The Unforgettable Husband.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 560
  • Rings of Gold
  • Michelle Reid
  • English
  • 14 August 2018
  • null

About the Author: Michelle Reid

Rings of Gold MOBI ✓ Rings of PDF or rings kindle, gold pdf, Rings of pdf, Rings of GoldRings of Gold ePUBHi, my name is Michelle Reid and I ve been writing for Harlequin Mills Boon for the last twenty years, and the crazy part about it is that I only realised it had been twenty years while updating this page So, hang on for a minute while I take this huge milestone inTwenty years with almost forty books published or in the pipeline I know it isn t a great average when compared with some authors but it sounds pretty Rings of PDF or good to me So what was I doing twenty years ago before I wrote books Well, I did the all of the usual things, like growing up and attending school, finishing at secretarial college, which I hated, then spent the next several years wandering aimlessly from job to job Eventually I met my husband, we married and produced two daughters who then grew up and between them presented us with two gorgeous grandsons and one beautiful granddaughter But I m getting ahead of myself Somewhere in between my girls growing up and the grandchildren arriving on the scene, I started writing To this day I don t know why, unless it was a natural progression from my never being without a book close by often several because books have always been an important part of my life for as far back as I can recallSo, I started to write, by hand at first, scribbling short stories in notebooks which never saw the light of day At some point I discovered Mills Boon Romance books and that was pretty much it for me I d found my new love, as in reading romantic fiction and inevitably writing it tooSo twenty years on and almost forty books on, here I am still writing and still loving it.