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  • Shannah Jay
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  • 14 January 2017
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10 thoughts on “Quest

  1. Pixelnyx Pixelnyx says:

    Quest PDF Ð Hardcover quest free, QuestQuest eBookWell conflicted about why I like this series Many failings But the reason why I find this series so likeable and fresh, is that it is the opposite of cosmic horror sci fi stories the opposite of having no agency , the opposite of meaninglessness , that we do have the power to control our lives, that the world is not malevolent but rather benign, and that as individuals we are not insignificant to creatures larger or forces stranger than we are.

  2. Horza Horza says:

    Quest PDF Ð Hardcover quest free, QuestQuest eBookEven as a kid I thought this thing was weak tea, but I somehow ploughed through the trilogy four books, yeesh IIRC, last one is a showdown between its Painfully Good Protagonists and Cartoonish Hordes of Ultimate Bad where author bends over backwards to establish that it s ok for the PGP to abandon all their wholesome pacifist ways, laboriously established over the previous three books, because these are really bad dudes.

  3. Andrew Andrew says:

    Quest PDF Ð Hardcover quest free, QuestQuest eBookWhile this book had some really interesting ideas built into it, overall I found it quite tedious The story moved on too quickly in many places, and the dialogue often felt unnatural, as though the author wasinterested in driving the story forward than in creating believable characters I don t feel inclined to seek out the other books in this series.

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QuestQuest PDF Ð Hardcover quest free, QuestQuest eBookAt fourteen, Katia is chosen to serve at the Sisterhood s temple in Tenebrak But violent Discord engulfs the planet threatening the , year old Sisterhood s existence In a satellite far above Tenebrak, Davred, brilliant xeno anthropologist, studies the Sisterhood, and risks everything by deciding to help them But neither Davred nor the Sisters know all the secrets of this mysterious planet.

About the Author: Shannah Jay

Quest PDF Ð Hardcover quest free, QuestQuest eBookPseudonym for author Anna Jacobs.