Palmistry: A Beginner's Guide PDF/EPUB Õ Palmistry: A

  • Paperback
  • 128
  • Palmistry: A Beginner's Guide
  • Sasha Fenton
  • English
  • 15 April 2017
  • 0806989696

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Palmistry: A Beginner's GuidePalmistry: A Beginner's Guide PDF/EPUB Õ Palmistry: A palmistry: free, beginner's book, guide epub, Palmistry: A epub, Palmistry: A Beginner's GuidePalmistry: A Beginner's Guide ePUBHave you ever wondered why a baby s first look at the world focuses on the hands Or why an adult under stress often does the same Perhaps our hands are a link to the world and its meaning for us That s the basis for a renowned palmist s introduction to the art and science of palmistry combining the intuitive reading of a person s soul with the empirical observation of physical aspects of a hand In a clear, insightful, often humorous style comes an Palmistry: A Kindle - approach that anybody can learn regardless of psychic ability A detailed map of the hand, fingers, thumb, tips, and prints opens a study of the mounts palm areas that reveal links between planetary astrological signs and their palmistry counterparts Methods of analyzing the lines of the hand cover both skin ridge patterns that stay the same for a lifetime and temporary marks that reveal current problems and opportunities.

About the Author: Sasha Fenton

Palmistry: A Beginner's Guide PDF/EPUB Õ Palmistry: A palmistry: free, beginner's book, guide epub, Palmistry: A epub, Palmistry: A Beginner's GuidePalmistry: A Beginner's Guide ePUBI m an author, speaker and publisher My husband, Jan Budkowski, and I run two publishing companies Stellium Ltd stelliumpub for fiction, digital and self publishing services, andZambezi Publishing Ltd zampub for Mind, Body Spirit titlesI became a professional astrologer, palmist and Tarot card reader in , but I tailed off my consultancy business when my writing took off I ve written books, mainly on mind, body spirit subjects, with total sales of around million copies, and translations of some titles into twelve languages Palmistry: A Kindle - Like an addict, I still write, most recently a trio of time travel, action romance novels the Tudorland series Sophie s Inheritance, Lucy s Dilemma and Emily s Mistake , a gentle spell book Spells in Focus for our publishing company, and In Focus Astrology for QuartoI ve taught, broadcast and lectured all over the world, and written for many magazines and newspapers One of my favourite features was a detailed Chinese Astrology column in Prediction magazine, starting with the January issue, until the magazine sadly closed a year later I ve been interested in Chinese Astrology for some time, and I concentrate on making itaccessible to our western mindsAs a past President of the British Astrological and Psychic Society BAPS , past Chair for the Advisory Panel on Astrological Education and past member of the Executive Council of the Writers Guild of Great Britain, I like to think I have contributed to the writing and mind, body spirit communities in the UKMore recently, Jan and I created MBS Professionals Ltd, a unique, international accreditation certification home for Mind, Body Spirit professionals mbsprofessionals Although I still love to write, Jan and I now spendtime in running our MBS publishing business Zambezi Publishing Ltd , and in our brief spare time, a spot of fly fishing in the beautiful South West of England is a great way to relax.