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  1. Crystal Starr Light Crystal Starr Light says:

    Naja eBook Ð Hardcover naja ebok, Naja Naja PDFBullet Review OMG SRSLY WTF WAS THAT To those who didn t like City of Bones because of the Jace Clarity fake sibling thing DO NOT READ THIS My brain is in pieces all over the office.

  2. Pamela Pamela says:

    Naja eBook Ð Hardcover naja ebok, Naja Naja PDFI made it to page 86 I was surprised when I saw that number I thought I must have been at least on page 386 That s how draaaaaged ouuuuuuuut this felt I don t feel like wasting my time writing a detailed review of how utterly bad and unoriginal this was, but just think Jason Bourne meets La Femme Nikita meets a hefty does of French academic prolixity Naja herself is a non entity, her mission to rescue her friend is pointless, and I don t even know what happens after that because I quit I mean, she was prancing around a Central American prison in something that would be a staple of Rihanna s wardrobe which is only practical if you are Rihanna, but not if you are incogni

  3. Wendy Wendy says:

    Naja eBook Ð Hardcover naja ebok, Naja Naja PDFNaja is also a woman who feels no pain, neither inside, nor out It makes her the perfect assassin number three in Zero s arsenal She does not question her purpose When Zero gives an order, she follows it Until she discovers that number one and number two are out to kill her, by order of Zero.Naja s story is narrated by a mysterious third party who has done his or her research on Naja and knows far than any casual observer should know It s an interesting concept and the art is sharp, capturing Naja s cold stillness in one moment, and swift and deadly action in the next In spite of a strong set up, the s...

  4. Adela Cacovean Adela Cacovean says:

    Naja eBook Ð Hardcover naja ebok, Naja Naja PDFNaja hates everything and everyone She is the number three assassin of the organisation she works for She doesn t know who her boss is, doesn t question why she has to kill, doesn t feel anything other than hate Well guess what, Naja Other than loving the main character, I got to a point where I lost my interest in the story too, and it s really a shame since I loved it at first Nothing is explained in the first half, i...

  5. Julie G Julie G says:

    Naja eBook Ð Hardcover naja ebok, Naja Naja PDFWritingOh dear This was, sadly, not the best comic I ve ever read It was all over the place, and not in a good way I did care about the characters, and I liked Naja a lot, but I absolutely could not get past some of the very weird plot twists and turns The idea was original, but the writing itself left a lot to be desired.It was hard to follow and, honestly, a bit porn y in parts yes, that s a technical term I m not automatically turned off by sex and nudity in comics, but in this one it had that salacious,

  6. Jamie Jamie says:

    Naja eBook Ð Hardcover naja ebok, Naja Naja PDF Read this review and like it on The Last Page What a shame The comic had an interesting concept and started off pretty well but in the end was really lacking Naja is a badass to be certain, but she has almost no personality She was the stereotypical ruthless femme fatale and not much than that The other assassins from Zero s organization were

  7. Katbyrdie Katbyrdie says:

    Naja eBook Ð Hardcover naja ebok, Naja Naja PDFNaja kicks ass She kicks SO MUCH ass The action never stopped, and I loved that each issue brought details into individual characters, all while keeping Naja as the focus The writing was solid and the colours we stunning it s rare to find a graphic novel that keeps you on your toes to such an extreme The OMFG

  8. Relstuart Relstuart says:

    Naja eBook Ð Hardcover naja ebok, Naja Naja PDFThe art was decent here and the oversize book is very well put together But, the narrator is never revealed the ending falls a bit flat in the big reveal at the end.

  9. Eran Eran says:

    Naja eBook Ð Hardcover naja ebok, Naja Naja PDFA graphic novel for a change It s not the most original throughout, but it has a very interesting graphic style and is written well It s short and reaches a conclusion, which is important to me in a graphic novel I liked the censoring of names, it adds to the...

  10. Asna Asna says:

    Naja eBook Ð Hardcover naja ebok, Naja Naja PDFit got confusing towards the moment everything revealed, even after excluding the back and forth timelines and the narration sounds like trying too hard to be cynical and i really don t get the epilogue part, at all.

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Naja Naja eBook Ð Hardcover naja ebok, Naja Naja PDFNaja Is The Perfect Killer Because She Feels Nothing Literally Her Body Registers No Pain, Nor Does Her Heart, Coldly Executing Jobs Given To Her By Her Mysterious Boss, Known Only As Zero When Another Killer In Zero S Organization Targets Naja For Elimination, She Has No Choice But To Fall Off The Grid And Seek Answers, As Bloody As They Might Be Written By International Creative Powerhouse JD Morvan Sillage, Zaya And Illustrated By French Sensation Bengal Meka, Luminae , This Volume Collects The Entire Five Book Naja Series Into A Single, Lavish Album.

  • Hardcover
  • 256
  • Naja
  • Jean-David Morvan
  • 25 September 2019
  • 9780991332403

About the Author: Jean-David Morvan

Naja eBook Ð Hardcover naja ebok, Naja Naja PDFJean David Morvan is a French comic author, best known as the creator of the Sillage Wake seriesAfter studying arts at the Institut Saint Luc in Brussels, he first tried being a graphic artist, but eventually settled for writing insteadHis main series are Spirou and Fantasio , Sir Pyle and Merlin , all with Jos Luis Munuera, and Sillage , with Philippe Buchet.