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My Spy Paperback ç My Spy ePUB Ð My SpyMy Spy KindleDaring, bold, secretive Joshua Lazlo loved living life on the edge Rescuing the prime minister s daughter from kidnappers was just the challenge he thrived on But nothing prepared him for the woman who yelled out fiery threats and almost made him forget his real missionPrudence Hill knew she was going to die at the hands of her captors until a powerful stranger swept her from harm s way Was Joshua her friend or foe She dared not trust this man even if her survival depended on him But once passion flared, Pru could no longer resist Joshua s sensual embrace and a love that could doom them both.

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  • Marie Ferrarella
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  • 05 October 2018
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About the Author: Marie Ferrarella

Paperback ç My Spy ePUB Ð My SpyMy Spy KindleMarie Rydzynski Ferrarellaaka Marie Charles, Marie Michael, Marie Nicole, Marie FerrarellaMarie Rydzynski was born on March in West Germany to Polish parents She moved to America at the age of four For an entire year, Marie and her family explored the eastern half of the country before finally settling in New YorkMarie swears she was born writing, which must have made the delivery especially hard for my mother From an early age, Marie s parents would find her watching television or tucked away in some private place, writing at a furious pace Initially, I began writing myself into my favourite shows I was a detective on Sunset Strip, the missing Cartwright sibling they never talked about on Bonanza and the Girl from UNCLE before there was a Girl from UNCLE not to mention an active participant in the serialized stories of The Mickey Mouse Club Marie began to write her first romance novel when she was years old, although she claims that, at the time, she didn t even realize it was a romance She scribbled off and on, while dreaming of a career as an actressMarie was only when she first laid eyes on the man she would marry, truly her first love, Charles Ferrarella During her days at Queens College, New York, acting started to lose its glamour as Marie spentandtime writing After receiving her English degree, specialising in Shakespearean comedy, Marie and her family moved to Southern California, where she still resides todayAfter an interminable seven weeks apart, Charles decided he couldn t live without her and came out to California to marry his childhood sweetheart Ever practical, Marie was married in a wash and wear wedding dress that she sewed herself, appliqu s and all Be prepared has always been my motto, the author jokes This motto has been stretched considerably by her two children, Nikky and Jessi, but basically, it still applies, she saysIn November of , she sold her first novel for Harlequin Marie, who now has written over novels, has one goal to entertain, to make people laugh and feel good That s what makes me happy, she confesses That, and a really good romantic evening with my husband She s keeping her fingers crossed that her reader s enjoy reading her books as much as she enjoyed writing them.

10 thoughts on “My Spy

  1. Mojca Mojca says:

    Paperback ç My Spy ePUB Ð My SpyMy Spy KindlePrudence Hill, the daughter of the British Prime Minister, has been kidnapped and Joshua Lazlo, the operative of the super secret Lazlo Group organization run by his uncle, is the man chosen to rescue her.He gets her out, races through the countryside in a hellish storm, but is the chit thankful Oh, no, that s not Pru the Shrew She challenges him at every occasion, she can t follow simple orders without asking questions, and she s simply a pain in Joshua firm behind.But as they run from her ki Prudence Hill, the daughter of the British Prime Minister, has been kidnapped and Joshua Lazlo, the operative of the super secret Lazlo

  2. Susan Susan says:

    Paperback ç My Spy ePUB Ð My SpyMy Spy KindleThis book is the first in a series Mission Impassioned about the Lazlo Group, which is a highly secret organization of skilled operatives who are called on when the missions are dangerous, and success is imperative.Dashing agent Joshua Lazlo, nephew of the Lazlo g

  3. Trudy Miner Trudy Miner says:

    Paperback ç My Spy ePUB Ð My SpyMy Spy KindleJoshua Lazlo is part of super secret international spy agency and he s just been assigned to rescue the British prime minister s rebellious daughter from kidnappers Prudence Hill, no one s meek victim, was sure she was going to die but she wasn t going down without a fight When

  4. Leslie Leslie says:

    Paperback ç My Spy ePUB Ð My SpyMy Spy KindleDifferent than her other mysteries, we ll see how the 2nd book fairs.tho I loved the love story end of it Yep still not the best but I realized it would of been totally different if there Wasbackground info laid down about things I read a coupleaccidentally out of order tho I like that it hasn t matter so far But wish the editors would of allowed there to be at least 2 3 chapters of back info About everything

  5. Applefruit Applefruit says:

    Paperback ç My Spy ePUB Ð My SpyMy Spy KindleDecent premise, but this book was sooo silly The heroine is kidnapped, and when a spy shows up to save her she argues with him and fights him Huh Yeah, that s what I thought So stupid I only gave it 2 stars because I really liked the hero.

  6. T.M. Carper T.M. Carper says:

    Paperback ç My Spy ePUB Ð My SpyMy Spy KindleThe Lazlo Group is a neat organization Pru is a strong herione and Joshua Lazlo is a good opposite for her A good, quick read with some suspense and some romance.

  7. Linda Linda says:

    Paperback ç My Spy ePUB Ð My SpyMy Spy KindleI wouldn t normally read this type of book, but it was nice for a change My favorite type of Romance is Historical, but I like Suspense too because it makes for an interesting, face paces read.

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