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Mesmerized (Spellbound, #1) Kindle Edition ò Mesmerized Epub Ð mesmerized epub, spellbound, download, Mesmerized (Spellbound, #1) Mesmerized Epub Everyone Told Her Not To Backpack Through Eastern Europe Intended For Adult Audiences This Is A Novelette Of AboutWords That Is Part One Of A Paranormal BDSM Erotic Romance SeriesJulia Is The Kind Of Girl Who Always Did What She Was Told She Is The Kind Of Girl Who Studied Business Instead Of Art Because That Was What Her Parents Wanted But The Summer After Graduating From The University Of Washington, She Is Determined To Strike Out On Her Own She Plans To Travel Europe For The Entire Summer Eastern Europe To Be Precise Because She Can T Afford To Travel The Typical Tourist Destinations, And Her Controlling Parents Won T Lend Her Enough Money To Stay The Whole Summer Julia Travels From Venice To Budapest By Train, Taking Photographs And Making Watercolor Paintings Along The Way She Meets A Group Of British College Students At The Youth Hostel In Budapest, And They Decide To Travel Together To The Black Sea To Stay With A Relative Of One Of The British Kids Plans Get Interrupted, And The Group Has To Rent A Flat Instead Of Staying In Odessa For Free Money Is Tight, But The Vodka Is Cheap, And The Sea Is Buoyant And Warm While Sunning One Day On The Beach, A Local Named Alexi Petrenko Walks Up To Julia While She Is Painting He Drips On Her Watercolor And Nearly Ruins It But She Feels An Almost Instant Attraction To The Dark Haired, Blue Eyed Ukrainian Who Looks Like Sirius Black From Harry Potter He Is Covered In Strange Arcane Tattoos That Seem To Glow Like His Eyes He Calls Her A Capitalist She Is Intrigued She Finds Out He Is A Wine Maker Who Is Part Gypsy He Takes Her To His Vineyard On The Back Of His Gleaming Chrome Motorcycle There, He Tells Her About His Past, And Feeds Her A Sweet Ripe Grape That Leads To A Sweat Ripe Kiss Alexi Causes Some Kind Of Trance To Fall Over Julia Every Time She Sees Him, And By The Time She Is Back In The Flat After Their First Date, She Is Having Strange Sex Dreams About Him She Sees The Dichotomy Of His Life A Boy Who Grew Up In A Stone Cottage Without Running Water And The Man Who Owns Five Hundred Acres Of Mature Vineyards, A Luxurious Flat Overlooking The Odessa Oprah House, And A Wide Expanse Of Beach Front Property He Captivates Her He Instructs Her He Dominates Her He Teases Her With His Strange Ways, And Casts An Erotic Spell Over Her She Does Not Understand When The British Kids Finally Run Out Of Money, She Has To Make A Choice Go Back To Seattle In Defeat, Or Stay With This Stranger In A Strange Land.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 41
  • Mesmerized (Spellbound, #1)
  • Trinity Night
  • English
  • 10 January 2019
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About the Author: Trinity Night

Kindle Edition ò Mesmerized Epub Ð mesmerized epub, spellbound, download, Mesmerized (Spellbound, #1) Mesmerized Epub Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author.

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  1. Sal Sal says:

    Kindle Edition ò Mesmerized Epub Ð mesmerized epub, spellbound, download, Mesmerized (Spellbound, #1) Mesmerized EpubThis is possibly the most frustrating book ever Yes I knew it was a short one as it says that in the synopsis but I didn t expect it to end the way it did It was hot and a good read but it could have been so much better if it hadn t ended so abruptly.

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