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Lalleshwari Paperback ç Lalleshwari Kindle Ð lalleshwari pdf, LalleshwariLalleshwari eBookLalleshwari Lalla , the fourteenth century woman saint of north India, is generally regarded as one of the most remarkable and influential figures in the Indian mystical tradition Even today her poems of the spiritual journey are sung throughout India These timeless poems have been collected and rendered by a great modern Siddha, Swami Muktananda.

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Paperback ç Lalleshwari Kindle Ð lalleshwari pdf, LalleshwariLalleshwari eBookLalla, also affectionately called Lalli, Lal Ded, Lal Diddi Granny Lal , or Lalleshwari, was born near Srinagar in Kashmir in northern India Little is known with certainty about her life, other than hints that come to us through her poetry and songs She was a young bride, married, tradition says, at the age of twelve After moving into her husband s family home, she was abused by her mother in law and ignored by her husband A story is told about Lalla s Lake one day when returning from the well with a clay water jug on her head, her husband lost his temper over her delay and struck the jug in his anger The clay vessel broke but, miraculously, the water held its shape above her head This becomes an important symbol of the heavenly nectar that rains down from the crownFinally, Lalla could endure nomistreatment and, in her early s, she left She became a disciple of a respected saint in the Kashmir Shaivism tradition of yoga and she took up the life of a holy woman dedicated God in the form of Shiva Lalla began wandering about, village to village, going naked or nearly naked, and singing songs of enlightenmentLalla s songs are short, using the simple, direct language of the common people, yet she touches on complex yogic techniques and the most elevated states of awarenessThe name Lalla can be translated as either seeker or darling Lalla is deeply loved by both Hindus and Muslims in Kashmir today, even amidst the terrible fighting ravaging the land There is a saying that in Kashmir only two words have any meaning Allah and Lalla.

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