Paperback ç 草枕 [Kusamakura] PDF/EPUB Ð

草枕 [Kusamakura] Paperback ç 草枕 [Kusamakura] PDF/EPUB Ð 草枕 epub, [kusamakura] epub, 草枕 [Kusamakura]草枕 [Kusamakura] EpubA stunning new translation the first in than forty years of a major novel by the father of modern Japanese fiction Natsume S seki s Kusamakura follows its nameless young artist narrator on a meandering walking tour of the mountains At the inn at a hot spring resort, he has a series of mysterious encounters with Nami, the lovely young daughter of the establishment Nami, or beauty, is the center of this elegant novel, the still point around which the artist moves and the enigmatic subject of S seki s word painting In the author s words, Kusamakura is a haiku style novel, that lives through beauty Written at a time when Japan was opening its doors to the rest of the world, Kusamakura turns inward, to the pristine mountain idyll and the taciturn lyricism of its courtship scenes, enshrining the essence of old Japan in a work of enchanting literary nostalgia.

  • Paperback
  • 152
  • 草枕 [Kusamakura]
  • Natsume Sōseki
  • English
  • 03 May 2019
  • 9780143105190

About the Author: Natsume Sōseki

Paperback ç 草枕 [Kusamakura] PDF/EPUB Ð 草枕 epub, [kusamakura] epub, 草枕 [Kusamakura]草枕 [Kusamakura] EpubNatsume S seki , born Natsume Kinnosuke , was a Japanese novelist He is best known for his novels Kokoro, Botchan, I Am a Cat and his unfinished work Light and Darkness He was also a scholar of British literature and composer of haiku, kanshi, and fairy tales From until , his portrait appeared on the front of the Japanese yen note In Japan, he is often considered t.

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  1. Praj Praj says:

    Paperback ç 草枕 [Kusamakura] PDF/EPUB Ð 草枕 epub, [kusamakura] epub, 草枕 [Kusamakura]草枕 [Kusamakura] Epub And when its difficulties intensify, you find yourself longing to leave that world and dwell in some easier one and then, when you understand at last the difficulties will dog you wherever you may live, this is when poetry and art are born For the very first time on a murky morning, I saw a set of colours come alive on the wall of my living room The orderly row of comatose crayons suddenly sprang like a newborn foal twirling on the pasty canvass

  2. Rowena Rowena says:

    Paperback ç 草枕 [Kusamakura] PDF/EPUB Ð 草枕 epub, [kusamakura] epub, 草枕 [Kusamakura]草枕 [Kusamakura] EpubYes, a poem, a painting, can draw the story of troubles from a troubled world and lay in its place a blessed realm before our grateful eyes Natsume Soseki, KusamakuraNatsume Sose

  3. Stephen P Stephen P says:

    Paperback ç 草枕 [Kusamakura] PDF/EPUB Ð 草枕 epub, [kusamakura] epub, 草枕 [Kusamakura]草枕 [Kusamakura] EpubA thirst for the purity of an openness that eschews all restrictions of internal will or external codes The rare locale of an artist A place of imagination and dreaming existing apart from the vulgarity of movement the world Seeking it removes any chance of finding it The locale is something which arrives A splendor of reverie for those patient enough to wait A book that repl

  4. Elie F Elie F says:

    Paperback ç 草枕 [Kusamakura] PDF/EPUB Ð 草枕 epub, [kusamakura] epub, 草枕 [Kusamakura]草枕 [Kusamakura] EpubIf The Gate reminds me of the evanescence of autumn, Kusamakura reminds me of the drowsiness of spring the presence of the soul is forgotten, and the human spirit is forged into nature and elevated to be the realm of pure poetry Unlike The Gate which is so full of weariness and melancholy, Kusamakura has abundant elements of sarcasm and humor which makes it sound like the inner voice of an adolescent boy who is still trying to imagine the immortal beauty of his own self Adolescent years, still unconvinced of common sense and, knowing nothing about weariness, always poised for action like a Classical Greek sculpture I can see the transition of Soseki from his early sarcasm to his late melancholy in this novel The narrator starts with an energetic searc

  5. Inderjit Sanghera Inderjit Sanghera says:

    Paperback ç 草枕 [Kusamakura] PDF/EPUB Ð 草枕 epub, [kusamakura] epub, 草枕 [Kusamakura]草枕 [Kusamakura] EpubA meditation on life and beauty beneath a kaleidoscope of colours and images, a paean to beauty set against a harlequin shimmer of colours, from the reflections of a sun light on a the leaves of a tree or the bucolic blooming on the whimsically white flower petals beneath the inky blue night sky The incandescence of the night sky, the warbling of the sky lark beneath leaves of a tree leaden with rain, the pale, indescribable iridescence of sun light on a mountain slope, the poetry

  6. Michael Finocchiaro Michael Finocchiaro says:

    Paperback ç 草枕 [Kusamakura] PDF/EPUB Ð 草枕 epub, [kusamakura] epub, 草枕 [Kusamakura]草枕 [Kusamakura] EpubThis is a beautiful book which takes place a metaphorical and physical mountain climb I would consider it Soseki s interior facing work and one of incredible zen like wisdom and imagery Again, do not expect laughing geisha and dancing no actors but rather the mature musings of a Japanese master writer grappling with middle age at 39 Here is an example of his irony laden highly reflective pose chosen at random I eased my law abiding buttocks down on the cushioning grass One could remain in such a place as this for five or six days without the fear of anybody making a complaint That is the beauty of Nature It is true that if forced Nature can act ruthlessness and without remorse, but on the otherhand she is free from all perfidy, since her attitude is the same

  7. Mariel Mariel says:

    Paperback ç 草枕 [Kusamakura] PDF/EPUB Ð 草枕 epub, [kusamakura] epub, 草枕 [Kusamakura]草枕 [Kusamakura] EpubClearly I am thinking about nothing I am most certainly looking at nothing Since nothing is present to my consciousness to beguile me with its color and movement, I have not become on

  8. Ben Winch Ben Winch says:

    Paperback ç 草枕 [Kusamakura] PDF/EPUB Ð 草枕 epub, [kusamakura] epub, 草枕 [Kusamakura]草枕 [Kusamakura] EpubBeautiful Joyous Sharp, clear, precise Soseki s best, I think, for its freedom, for its glow True, from here on near everything he wrote had the magic, but like Kafka s his characters were hemmed in, in darkness Here, from when the unnamed I appears on a mountain path until he disappears at a train station as the world calls from down the tracks, all is glittering I couldn t read this when I was down it demanded I engage with it, bring heart to it, enjoy it I know not everyone few people, even will feel this The

  9. Tim Tim says:

    Paperback ç 草枕 [Kusamakura] PDF/EPUB Ð 草枕 epub, [kusamakura] epub, 草枕 [Kusamakura]草枕 [Kusamakura] EpubI think this book is the perfect example of a very good book that is simply not for me The writing is beautiful, the language poetic I must heap praise upon the translator as this must have been quite a challenge Every line is seemingly trying to evoke a sense of awed beauty and the translator does an admirable job and yet almost every page I wished the book would just end and let me be done with it I only finished it out of stubbornness and because it is only 146 pages and they seemed like some of the longest 146 pages I ve ever read The book is about an artist He seeks artistic nonemotion to view the wor

  10. Katia N Katia N says:

    Paperback ç 草枕 [Kusamakura] PDF/EPUB Ð 草枕 epub, [kusamakura] epub, 草枕 [Kusamakura]草枕 [Kusamakura] EpubI think, this little gem of a book would be even better on a second reading One has to slow down to appreciate it And that was the hardest challenge for me It is a book about contemplation of beauty in its different forms In general, it conforms to my good stereotypes, or should I say ideals about Japan composing of haiku, tea ceremonies, exploring the colours of food, buddhist priests and a mysterious beautiful woman It is stubbornly and refreshingly moves away from the plot In fact, in one scene, the narrator picks up a novel in English and reads it from the middle He does not need a story arc In art, he searches how to convey a certain feeling rather than a certain story or a certain likenessHowever, the modernity looms from the shadows And the trains, the serpents of civilisations , take young people away to fight a war.My first Soseki and I am quite enchanted.

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