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Hurting and Hungry Hurting and Hungry ePUB Þ Hurting and Epub / hurting epub, hungry mobile, Hurting and book, Hurting and HungryHurting and Hungry PDF/EPUBLONG TONGUE LIZALPHA LESBIAN Her mouth brushed across my lips gently kissing me and I swooned, feeling woozy from their touch I struggled to understand how an experienced alpha lesbian like myself could fall under the complete control of this beautiful teenager I craned my head forward trying to kiss her back What s your name not Hurting and Epub / Sandy s mom she whispered Marcy I heard myself answer in a daze I am going to drain you dry Marcy With Sandy gone Liz is brokenhearted missing her first love In an attempt to drown out her pain she resorts to continual feeding Over the next twenty four hours every woman around the lake becomes open prey and no woman, gay or straight, can resist the unusual Liz Coil when she wants to feed This story contains explicit lesbian erotic scenes and is intended for mature readers.