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Dogfight Hardcover ç Dogfight Epub Ð dogfight pdf, Dogfight Dogfight eBookIn his latest laugh out loud book of political verse, Calvin Trillin provides a riotous depiction of the presidential election campaign Dogfight is a narrative poem interrupted regularly by other poems and occasionally by what the author calls a pause for prose Callista Gingrich, Aware That Her Husband Has Cheated On and Then Left Two Wives Who Had Serious Illnesses, Tries Desperately to Make Light of a Bad Cough With the same barbed wit he displayed in the bestsellers Deciding the Next Decider, Obliviously On He Sails, andA Heckuva Job, America s deadline poet trains his sights on the Tea Party These folks were quick to vocally condemn All handouts but the ones that went to them and the slapstick field of contenders for the Republican nomination Though first tier candidates were mostly out, Republicans were asking, What about The second tier or what about the third Has nothing from those other tiers been heard There is an ode to Michele Bachmann, sung to the tune of a Beatles classic Michele, our belle Thinks that gays will all be sent to hell and passages on the exit of candidates like Herman Cain Although his patter in debates could tickle, Cain s pool of knowledge seemed less pool than trickle and Rick Santorum The race will miss the purity That you alone endow We ll never find another man Who s holier than thou On its way to the November finale, Trillin s narrative takes us through such highlights as the January caucuses in frigid Iowa To listen to long speeches is your duty, And getting there could freeze off your patootie , the Republican convention It seemed like Clint, his chair, and their vignette Had wandered in from some adjoining set , and Mitt Romney s secretly recorded percent speech, which inspired the I Got the Mitt Thinks I m a Moocher, a Taker not a Maker, Blues From the Hardcover edition.

  • Hardcover
  • 176
  • Dogfight
  • Calvin Trillin
  • English
  • 20 September 2019
  • 0812993683

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Hardcover ç Dogfight Epub Ð dogfight pdf, Dogfight Dogfight eBook.

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