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Crow Kindle Edition ☆ Crow eBook Ð crow mobile, Crow Crow PDF/EPUBThe summer of is filled with ups and downs for year old Moses He s growing apart from his best friend, his superstitious Boo Nanny butts heads constantly with his pragmatic, educated father, and his mother is reeling from the discovery of a family secret Yet there are good times, too He s teaching his grandmother how to read For the first time she s sharing stories about her life as a slave And his father and his friends are finally getting the respect and positions of power they ve earned in the Wilmington, North Carolina, community But not everyone is happy with the political changes at play and some will do anything, including a violent plot against the government, to maintain the status quoOne generation away from slavery, a thriving African American community enfranchised and emancipated suddenly and violently loses its freedom in turn of the century North Carolina when a group of local politicians stages the only successful coup d etat in US history.

About the Author: Barbara Wright

Kindle Edition ☆ Crow eBook Ð crow mobile, Crow Crow PDF/EPUB.

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