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Compelled Kindle Edition ☆ Compelled MOBI Ð compelled mobile, CompelledCompelled PDFI Want You To Understand What Is Happening Intended For Adult Audiences This is a novelette of about , words that is Partofin a Paranormal BDSM erotica romance seriesIt is finally time to go home to Seattle so Julia packs up all her new paintings and closes the door on her Odessa studio She and Alexi make the all day trek back to the states to land in Seattle the day before ThanksgivingShe is so excited to be at home she can barely contain herself Domestic beer, pizza from her favorite pizza place, artisan coffee, the sight of Puget Sound, and the sound of her own language make her giddy with joyThe only problem is, she has to face her parents Julia and Alexi arrive at her parents party on Thanksgiving day There is a crowd of family and friends to cover her from her parents disguised insults, but she isn t so lucky She has to finally come cleanAfter the rush of the shopping weekend, Julia and Alexi find a swanky new apartment and go furniture shopping Julia gets a new studio, and her paintings finally arrive from their long journey overseasThey get moved into the apartment and studio, and finally go out to have a little fun at a strip club That s when they meet a brand new witch who hasn t been turned yet But Eva is younger and on the edge than either of them could have imagined.

About the Author: Trinity Night

Kindle Edition ☆ Compelled MOBI Ð compelled mobile, CompelledCompelled PDFParanormal and Contemporary Romance Author.

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