Biker Gang Bangs Epub ñ Biker Gang MOBI :Ð

Biker Gang Bangs Biker Gang Bangs Epub ñ Biker Gang MOBI :Ð biker pdf, gang epub, bangs kindle, Biker Gang download, Biker Gang BangsBiker Gang Bangs KindleLeather, oil, and the open road these three tales of bad boy biker gangbangs are sure to get you going Not for the faint of heart, these hardcore group sex tales leave nothing to the imagination Biker Gang MOBI :Ð and no holes left unfilled Warning These stories feature depictions of anal, double penetration, air tight, bondage, submission, dubious consent, rough sex, and hot biker gangbangs BOUND BY THE BIKER GANG At the urging of her dad, nineteen year old Ashley heads out on a solo road trip across the country, hoping to find herself Unfortunately, the only thing that she finds as a rough and tumble biker gang with a taste for sexy young girls next door After narrowly escaping their first encounter, Ashley finally lets her guard down enough to stop at a roadside bar and grill, unaware that her biker buddies have connections to the restaurant than she could ever imagine Ashley soon finds herself bound in the basement with a debt to pay, and a whole gang of horny bikers who are willing to take it out on her ass Tied down with nowhere to run, she s about to experience what it s like to be the town bike, everyone gets a ride OILED UP TAKING THE BIKER GANG As the young, spunky intern at an ambitious tech startup, Misty will do anything to keep her job, but when a biker garage moves into the office downstairs she may have met her match Assigned with the task of quieting them down by the end of the workday, Misty soon learns that her sexy, toned body is the best bargaining chip she has with this gang of rowdy bikers Now Misty s ass is literally on the line in a hardcore biker gangbang THE BACHELORETTE AND THE BIKERS On the night of Ella s bachelorette party she expects to have some good clean fun, but when her group of girls stumble upon a rowdy biker bar, things spiral out of control fast Xavier, a dashing bad boy biker, starts putting on the charm and before Ella knows it she s in the back room with Xavier and a handful of his friends With her wedding only days away, Ella is suddenly the main attraction of a hardcore biker gangbang that s sure to get your motor running.

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