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BR€AKDOWN BR€AKDOWN ePUB Ð Kindle Edition br€akdown mobile, BR€AKDOWNBR€AKDOWN PDF/EPUBMarcus Cole is a loner Since recovering from a nervous breakdown he dealt with his paranoid fears by leading a carefully regulated life Every day is a series of well established routines that Marcus practices and they keep the panic attacks and the nausea at bay But when his employer is taken over by a French company Marcus has to go to France for special training Thrown immediately into a series of unfamiliar situations his panic attacks increase and his ability to deal with day to day problems comes under greater pressureThings get worse when Marcus finds he has no memory of some events Mistaken for somebody else and questioned by the police he is unable to deal with the increasing pressure and begins to withdraw into himself Working with his police appointed therapist he discovers that his paranoid fears may not be groundless Marcus discovers that there may be to his condition than he realisesAs he begins to discover the truth about the gaps in his memory he moves between flashes of insight and moments of desperation but that pales into insignificance when he is identified as an assassin Working with his therapist Marcus begins to feel that things are not what they seem Cast adrift on a sea of conflicting information he believes he can see a way to overcome the problems he is facing but the speed of events surrounding him is accelerating Played out against a background of Europe s escalating economic crisis Breakdown is the story of a man s desperate efforts to find out who he is before his mind goes into a total meltdown.