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A Fable Paperback ´ A Fable Epub Ð fable pdf, A FableA Fable PDFThis novel won both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award in An allegorical story of World War I, set in the trenches in France and dealing ostensibly with a mutiny in a French regiment, it was originally considered a sharp departure for Faulkner Recently it has come to be recognized as one of his major works and an essential part of the Faulkner oeuvre Faulkner himself fought in the war, and his descriptions of it rise to magnificence, according to The New York Times, and include, in Malcolm Cowley s words, some of the most powerful scenes he ever conceived.

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  1. Carla Carla says:

    Paperback ´ A Fable Epub Ð fable pdf, A FableA Fable PDFFaulkner testou me at ao limite Deitou por terra toda e qualquer veleidade que eu pudesse ter de que esta seria uma leitura t pica.Arremessou me parede, lama Atirou me ao c u.Fez me girar sobre mim pr pria Ca , claro, atordoada.Aterrei em arco ris submersos nas valas inundadas pela gua da chuva.Quando me tentava levantar, fincava as m os nos meus ombros com for a so

  2. Pradnya K. Pradnya K. says:

    Paperback ´ A Fable Epub Ð fable pdf, A FableA Fable PDFTook a long time to turn the last page I feel relieved, not coz I ended it but happy to have read it Quite a writer Faulkner is.I d call it a challenging read as the story would never come across easily The developments are far too measly compared to the detailed description If it s a story you want, don t bother to read this Set amidst the world war background where one unit of army goes for mutiny under the leader corporal who is center point of mass fury as he brings war to the end To resurrect the messiah of peace in fiction was a theme for this story which kept writer bound for almost a decade.Faulkner braids the wisps of words entwined with explicit details and then spins it, hurls around and fling in a delivery one catch the action in last moment, almost missing it Since the plot is unhappening its natural it takes time The vocabulary is expansive for my tastes, the tone becomes monotonous a lot Also if you tend to read books half way you might tempt to live it

  3. Paula Ferreira Pinto Paula Ferreira Pinto says:

    Paperback ´ A Fable Epub Ð fable pdf, A FableA Fable PDFContinuo sem perceber a raz o dos estudiosos considerem as obras mais tardias do Faulkner um pouco menos lustrosas do que aquela catadupa produtiva inicial de romances escritos de forma sinuosa, indirecta e enviesada, em que quase nada dito com frontalidade, em que tudo est impl cito mas ainda assim extraordinariamente belo.Este sem duvida, na minha

  4. J.M. Hushour J.M. Hushour says:

    Paperback ´ A Fable Epub Ð fable pdf, A FableA Fable PDFAll you can kill is man s meat You can t kill his voice It s bemusing how this, probably the pinnacle of Faulkner s testing the limits of his own style, can be seen as such a flawed work On the one hand, it is one of his most difficult works, up there with The Sound and the Fury On the other hand, it s dense, closely packed poetics take his dizzying run on madness to a whole new level, largely because of its main idea Christ returned as a WWI frontline corporal who, with 12 other soldiers, leads a mutiny in the trenches and refuse to fight.The idea is so bafflingly, bats

  5. Tim Tim says:

    Paperback ´ A Fable Epub Ð fable pdf, A FableA Fable PDFWilliam Faulkner virgins about to break the seal with a copy of A Fable should be forced to reconsider at gunpoint, if necessary.Yes, A Fable is a cantankerous beast, a Pulitzer Prize winner often reviled as impenetrable and as Faulkner at his most difficult Reading it for the first time my 11th Faulkner novel I find it both a little hard to figure out how it won the award and hard to understand why readers don t seem to see its merits Faulkner s worst, most frustrating habits are on display in this tale of World War I whose plot often mirrors the Passion of Christ The worst offenders are two lengthy back

  6. KeithTalent KeithTalent says:

    Paperback ´ A Fable Epub Ð fable pdf, A FableA Fable PDFAt nine o clock one morning in the spring of 1918, a regiment of the French army every man below the rank of sergeant refuses to take part in a futile assault on the German position Strangely, the German line opposite fails to take advantage of the situation with a counter attack, and by noon that day no guns are fired along the entire French line By three o clock in the afternoon, the entire western front has fallen silent It emerges that a saintly French corporal, together with his twelve apostles, has been making the rounds of the Allied forces and apparently the German forces too spreading by word and deed a gospel of non violence and universal brotherhood The troops, it see

  7. Russell Russell says:

    Paperback ´ A Fable Epub Ð fable pdf, A FableA Fable PDFThis is probably the only novel that ever appeared EXACTLY the way Faulkner wanted it to appear, and it was the only one whose tepid reception really bothered him In fact, despite its Pulitzer, the book s relative lack of suc

  8. Chad Bearden Chad Bearden says:

    Paperback ´ A Fable Epub Ð fable pdf, A FableA Fable PDFI don t mind dense and rambling novels, but when combined with repetitive and opaque , the results are a far challenging read than seems necessary Faulkner was no doubt a brilliant writer, but by the time he wrote this, his fifteenth novel, he was

  9. Chris Chris says:

    Paperback ´ A Fable Epub Ð fable pdf, A FableA Fable PDFFaulkner is starting to grow on me like unfamiliar music that gets better each time you hear it It s unbelievable that A Fable didn t get the kind of attention it deserved when it was released in 1954 Although it won both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award, it was panned by critics across the board is this only possible in literature A dark allegory to The Passion of Christ, it s setting in the trenches of World War 1 was probably unsettling to the vast majority of it s Christian readers But don t be fooled Faulker spent 9 years writing it, and some of the passages in here are as starkly powerful insights on the human condition as have ever been written You can tell he was trying to write the capstone of his career a career that as profound as it was couldn t settle for less than divine testimony A talent such as his gone through life without a perspective on re

  10. Trenton Judson Trenton Judson says:

    Paperback ´ A Fable Epub Ð fable pdf, A FableA Fable PDFThis book was terrible and I have no idea why it won the Pulitzer, short of that it was written by Willy Faulkner I did not know how you could take the adventure, romance, and tragedy all out of war in a single novel until I read this, but Faulkner manages to do all of it It was painstaking to finish this one, but I was hoping that there would be that Faulkner pay off where you just love the end of the book, where he brings everything together in a way that blows your mind, but this did not happen in the novel Save yourself the trouble, stick to Faulkner s gems and leave this one way on the back of the library shelf for Faulkner academics.

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