Ghana Must Go

Kweku Sai is dead A renowned surgeon and failed husband, he succumbs suddenly at dawn outside his home in suburban Accra The news of Kweku s death sends a ripple around the world, bringing together the family he abandoned years before Ghana Must Go is their story Electric, exhilarating, beautifu

King Peggy: An American Secretary, Her Royal Destiny, and the Inspiring Story of How She Changed an African Village

The charming real life fairy tale of an American secretary who discovers she has been chosen king of an impoverished fishing village on the west coast of Africa King Peggy has the sweetness and quirkiness of The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series and the hopeful sense of possibility of Half the

Our Sister Killjoy

Out of Africa with her degree and her all seeing eyes comes Sissie She comes to Europe, to a land of towering mountains and low grey skies and tries to make sense of it all What is she doing here Why aren t the natives friendly And what will she do when she goes back home n nGhanaian writer Ama A


Moving between Ghana and London, Hold is an intimate, moving, powerful coming of age novel It s a story of friendship and family, shame and forgiveness of learning what we should cling to, and when we need to let go n nBelinda knows how to follow the rules As a housegirl, she has learnt the right