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  • 04 April 2018
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10 thoughts on “Politi

  1. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    Politi Kindle Ð Paperback politi pdf, PolitiPoliti EpubI know I am a sucker for a Harry Hole book but this one has to be the best yet. I simply could not put it down. Nesbo spends most of the book playing mind tricks on the reader and even in the last chapter he gives things a

  2. Yun Yun says:

    Politi Kindle Ð Paperback politi pdf, PolitiPoliti EpubPolice is another solidly gripping installment of the Harry Hole series. This time, someone is brutally murdering police officers at the site of old, unsolved homicides where they have investigated and the trail has gone cold. As the body count starts ratcheting up, and it hits closer and closer to home, the police realize they have no leads, and their best investigator is not available to help out.

    I feel this series is at its most entertaining and spine-chilling when dealing with serial killers, and I'm happy that this book went back to that them

  3. Maine Colonial Maine Colonial says:

    Politi Kindle Ð Paperback politi pdf, PolitiPoliti EpubInteresting plot line marred by too much gimmickry and manipulation

    A killer is targeting police officers; specifically officers who were involved in the investigation of unsolved murders. The killer lures an officer to the scene of the previous crime and kills the cop in a way similar to the original murder. The investigators believe that if they can only figure out the

  4. Nicole~ Nicole~ says:

    Politi Kindle Ð Paperback politi pdf, PolitiPoliti Epub10 stars
    Anyone who doesn't dare to stand up for justice should have a guilty conscience.
    Police is a riveting follow up to Phantom, the previous novel in the Harry Hole series and seamlessly picks up where Phantom ended. Excerpt from the end of Phantom - (view spoiler)[The recoil made the barrel jump and the third bullet hit him in the head. He fell. Beneath him, darkness. And he plunged into it. Until it swallowed him up and swept him into a cooling, painless nothing. At last, he thought. And that was Harry Hole's final thought.

  5. Barbara Barbara says:

    Politi Kindle Ð Paperback politi pdf, PolitiPoliti Epub
    In this 10th book in the 'Harry Hole' series, a serial killer is targeting police officers. The novel can be read as a standalone.


    A serial killer in Oslo

  6. James Thane James Thane says:

    Politi Kindle Ð Paperback politi pdf, PolitiPoliti EpubI'm frank to confess that I have no idea how to review this book, and I will also say that, to my mind, a number of reviewers and even the publishers themselves have given away key elements of the plot that will diminish the enjoyment of the book for anyone unfortunate enough to have read their comments.

    Suffice it to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the book and was on the edge of my seat for much of the time I spent with it. Readers who have enjoyed Jo Nesbo's series featuring Oslo detective Harry Hole will certainly want to look for this one. One can safely say that the book opens with the murder of a policeman and that it soon becomes apparent that a serial killer is targeting police officers for some reason known only to him or herself. The tension begins to build from the first page and doesn't let up until the last. Readers will spend a good deal of

  7. Sandy Sandy says:

    Politi Kindle Ð Paperback politi pdf, PolitiPoliti EpubRarely give out 5 stars but this is a no brainer

    Every time I read one of Nesbo's books, I am struck again by just how good he is. The previous book ended with Harry being shot by Oleg, the young man he helped raise & son of the woman he loves. This one opens with a comatose patient lying in a hospital bed under police protection. If he could speak, he'd have a few things to say about a couple members of the force, one currently under suspension, the other the new chief.
    It's been months since the shooting & Harry's old crew have moved on without him. Someone is killing police officers involved in old cases that were never solved.
    That's all I'll say about the plot for 2 reasons. First, it's so complex as to be almost impossible to summarize when you could be reading the book instead of this

  8. Harry Harry says:

    Politi Kindle Ð Paperback politi pdf, PolitiPoliti EpubBook Review

    The rat bit once into the leather shoe. Licked the metal again, the salty metal that protruded between the two of the fingers on the right hand. Scrabbled up the suit jacket that smelled of sweat, blood and food, so many types of food that the linen material must have been in a garbage can. She ran up the arm, across the shoulder, stopped at a bloodstained bandage around the neck. Then she scuttled up the chest. There was still a strong smell coming from the two round holes in the suit jacket. Sulfur, gunpowder. One was right by

  9. Thomas Edmund Thomas Edmund says:

    Politi Kindle Ð Paperback politi pdf, PolitiPoliti EpubAfter Phantom's amazing twist-hanger I was almost delirious with glee and trepidation when I heard the next Harry Hole book Police was coming out.

    So was my anticipation satisfied?

    Yes - however not in the way I expected. Police is a weightier tome than other Hole novel's and thusly the length of the novel evokes tension as a slow-burn rather than a furious action packed feast. While perhaps less immediately exciting Nesbo plies us with a smorgasbord of corruption, deeply disturbing villains, and tormented decisions from our main characters which had my nerves fraying to the point of madness.

    Nesbo has a talent for taking crime thriller tropes and twisting them into deranged scenarios than leave most other authors behind as cliche peddlers. While it takes time to warm up to this book it is definitely worth it. The end, perhaps not as shocking as the Phantom, I feel will stick in heads fo

  10. LeeAnne LeeAnne says:

    Politi Kindle Ð Paperback politi pdf, PolitiPoliti EpubI think this will be my last Jo Nesbo novel.

    This book starts out great but it becomes purposely confusing and misleading, to the point of utter annoyance. The storyline is all over the place with several plot threads happening simultaneously, jumping back and forth. There are 3 main suspects and the pronoun he is often used in place of a name to keep the reader guessing the identity of the killer. He did this, then he did that. When you combine that with the confusion of so many convoluted, interwoven plots and red herrings, it became tiresome and frustrating. In the end, I didn't care who did it. I just wanted this book to end.

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